Welcome to McWorterCues.com

This site is intended to showcase many of the designs I have created over the years. Some of these designs are as old as 1994, and some as recent as 2009. Of course, my goal is they’re all considered classics.

I started building cues in 1988. Since 1993, I’ve marked each cue with my mcworter name and a serial number. This number has allowed me to keep a record of almost every cue I have made.

The Gallery buttons on the left will open a window to my cues. Each Gallery exhibits designs that I’ll make to order. I can use different woods and color combinations, or leave it just as the cue appears.

As a new feature on this site I've included a “cues in stock” page. These are new cues available that I have for immediate delivery. I’ll be adding cues of different styles, color combinations, and price ranges to this section as my annual production continues.

Thank you for coming to see my work. If you have any questions about McWorter Cues or pricing please feel free to contact me. Hope to see you soon!